Meet Release

Release includes everything you need to start your
influencer program from scratch.

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Step 1. Manage

Manage hundreds of influencer relationships at once.

  • Create an influencer program that looks and feels like your brand.
  • Automate your influencer onboarding, gifting, briefing & follow-ups.
  • Equip them with all the tools they need to sell you to their followers.

Step 2. Measure

Accurately measure the traffic, leads and sales your influencers generate.

  • Get the click-through and conversion data you always dreamed of.
  • Quickly identify which influencers are having the biggest impact.
  • Start to understand the difference between content that engages and content that sells.

Step 3. Reward

Send out free products, payments, vouchers with ease.

  • Pay your influencers a fixed or percentage based CPA/CPL.
  • Set milestone based and leaderboard based rewards.
  • Integrate into your existing loyalty or other points based reward schemes.
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